Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Earth's precious energy resources have accumulated extremely slowly during the planet's long geological history. We must use these valuable resources as efficiently as possible. Operating at more than 50% thermal efficiency, Toshiba's combined cycle power plants offer the best heat-recovery/power-generation systems available.

A combined cycle power plant recovers heat from the gas turbine's exhaust and uses the heat to produce steam in a heat recovery steam generator. The steam is then used to generate electricity. This is one of several methods used by Toshiba to help its customers use existing energy resources more efficiently.

If a power plant's output was our only consideration, our task as a manufacturer would be far simpler. However, because increased output, reduced fuel consumption, and environmental considerations are equally as important, we've developed our combined cycle power plant technologies to meet these needs. The combined cycle process operates at 53% thermal efficiency, generates larger output capacities, and consumes less fuel. Additional combined cycle advantages are; reduced NOx emissions and improved unit operability.

The most advanced Combined Cycle System

1500°C Class Gas Turbine- The "H System™" is a product of GE-Toshiba manufacturing alliance

DeNOx Control System