Design Features

Runner & Guide Vanes

Optimum selection is selected with a number of: runner blades, adjusting runner blades and guide vanes opening depending on site conditions such as head, discharge and cavitation.

Runner blades and guide vanes are made from stainless steel castings.


Optimum selection is a choice between induction and synchronous generators, depending if the Hydro-eKIDS will be connecting to or independent from the grid.

Bearings are standard roller-type and lubricated with grease.

Turbine shaft

Turbine shaft is designed with vibration analysis by FEM and also static strength analysis so as to withstand runaway speed such as that in large capacity turbines.

Turbine shaft is made of stainless steel.

Turbine bearing

The bearing system combines a tapered roller type which withstands axial thrust and radial load, and cylindrical roller type for radial load.

Bearing is lubricated with oil of VG-46 or equivalent.

Shaft seal

Shaft seal is a mechanical type that self lubricates with water.

Materials are ceramic or carbon.