Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Toshiba's nv series and V-series DCS systems provide the best solution for small to large processes.

nv series
...more nv series Toshiba's latest control solution is the nv series. It is suitable for both high speed machine control and dual redundant process control.
...more V-series The V-series control system provides scalable solutions for large to small systems.
LC 531 Loop Controller
...more LC 531 Loop Controller The LC531 is the best solution for standalone loop control.
...more OIS-DS HMI so it is not displayed on the page but only as decription in the scructure levels above

OIS-DS is Toshiba's HMI package for it's nv series and V-series control systems.

...more nv-ADCOP nv-ADvance Control OPtimiser (nv-ADCOP) and Model Driven PID (MD-PID) Toshiba's solution to energy and cost saving for long dead time control loops for use with nv and LC53X controller.