General Description

EV8 series variable speed drives are designed to control 415V or 690V large kW motors up to 1500kW. The high performance drives are suitable for industrial environments because they are supplied in IP54 enclosures complete with input and output filters as standard. Active front end (AFE) technology is employed in the series to overcome and almost eliminate problems caused by harmonics.


  • Wide range of power rating
    3-phase 415V class 75kW to 900kW
    3-phase 690V class 75kW to 1500kW
  • 150% overload for 60 seconds
  • Providing Active Front End (AFE) technology achieving superb benefits as follows
    • Reduces supply line harmonics
    • Improves power factor to near unity (pf > 0.99)
    • Obtains high performance in fast dynamic braking
    • Eliminates costly braking circuits and bulky resistance
  • Engineered to match specific application requirements
  • Built-in EMC and dv/dt filters
  • Multiple options of control approaches: Local and Remote, serial communications, etc.
  • Communication and protocols: RS-485 for portable units or host computer; CAN, DeviceNet and Profibus DP, etc.
  • Enclosure protection: IP54
  • Compliant with international standards:
    • IEC / CEI-EN61800-2, -3, -3/A11
    • IEC/ CEI EN60204-1
    • IEC / CEI-EN50170
    • AS 61800-3
    • C-Tick


  • Conveyors driven by single or multiple motors
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Industrial Fans
  • Other general applications requiring large power drive

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