Toshiba have developed a new concept to improve the manufacturing and construction efficiency of hydro turbine and generator sets for small scale hydroelectric power generation, through a mass production approach.
Toshiba presents a new product, Hydro-eKIDS, for low-head and small scale hydroelectric power plants.

Toshiba Group has developed and commercialised Hydro-eKIDS™, based upon design concept, high quality and high reliability established through commitment to large and medium scale hydroelectric power generation.

Hydro-eKIDS Specifications

- Wide output range of 5 to 200 kW with three standard propeller turbines and effective head between 2 and 15 m. See: Product Range

- Flexible for various site applications with parallel arrangement for larger discharge and a cascade arrangement for higher effective head. See: Arrangements

- Small and compact package to facilitate transportation and handling.

- Reduced Construction Cost achieved by adopting a straight pipe-in shape for turbine water passage, which simplifies construction work. See: Basic Installation

- Reduced Concrete Volume for Foundation achieved by mounting the generator on the turbine structure. See: Design Features

- Connection options with the ability to be independent or connected to the grid. See: Applications & Connections

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