Industrial Products Systems and Services

With a total commitment to people and the future, Toshiba constantly seeks new approaches to offer the most effective solutions to industries the world over.

By continually developing innovative technologies in the fields of electronics and energy, Toshiba creates products and services to enhance human life.

...more Motors Product range includes:
Low Voltage Motors and High Voltage Motors.
Power Electronics
...more Power Electronics Product range includes:
Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters and Monitoring & Protection.
...more Controls Product range includes:
Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers and Instrumentation.
High Voltage Switchgear
...more High Voltage Switchgear Product range includes:
Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Contactors and Vacuum Combination Units.
...more Lighting Product range includes outdoor and indoor LED lighting products.

System Engineering
...more System Engineering Product range includes:
Pulp & Paper, Metals, Materials Handling, Mineral Processing, Industrial Applications, Specialised Products for Systems and Rail.
Industrial Systems & Special Products
...more Industrial Systems & Special Products Toshiba is a leading supplier of Industrial Systems with extensive experience in specialised processes for most Industries. Toshiba International Corporation offers a complete turn key Industrial System solutions including engineering as well as special application oriented products. Some of the Special Products are:
Process Control Systems
...more Process Control Systems Toshiba is a Market Leader in Control Systems with extensive experience in automating processes for most Industries. Toshiba International Corporation offers a complete turn key engineering solution for process applications from the Enterprise Layer to Field Equipment.
Known for its technology leadership, Toshiba employs a diverse and multi-disciplined engineering team capable of bringing home the most technically demanding projects on time, within budget and with high levels of customer satisfaction.
Toshiba quality in both its products and engineering ensures the lowest possible life cycle costs and the security brought by a large multinational supplier.
Equally at home with a simple PLC application to complete plant automation projects, Toshiba applies the same exacting standards to all its projects.
Capable of providing and integrating the complete Electrical, Control, Drive, Motor and Field package from a single source Toshiba can also address the plant hazard and safety issues.
Meeting the increasing demand for integration of the Plant Control Systems and the Enterprise System, Toshiba can automate work instructions with security and genealogy. Other business solutions which can be provided include Energy Management, Asset Management, Downtime Analysis and Operational Efficiency. What ever your application or industry Toshiba is your experienced Control System partner.

Equipment Service & Repair
...more Equipment Service & Repair Toshiba Service Department services a variety of equipment such as motors, variable speed drives, liquid resistance starters, soft starters, microwave density meters, LED lighting, and switchgear.
After Hours Pager no: +61 (02) 9937-2885
Asset Management
...more Asset Management Providing a business focus on technical issues is now essential. Toshiba is committed to understanding the competitive business environment and provide economically viable service and support to meet short and long term needs.
This ensures an ongoing, mutually rewarding relationship with clients by positive actions in service support and mutual commitment, by plant alliance management, performance, reliability, quality, availability and total cost.
Motor Management
...more Motor Management Toshiba has developed an effective strategy for electrical and control plant management. This is achieved by best practice, in which Toshiba is a market leader.
The plant alliance management system is a team strategy. The team is made up of you, Toshiba, and your preferred service providers. This recognises that a mix of skills, knowledge and initiative is required to get the best results.
Condition Monitoring
...more Condition Monitoring Plant Testing Service provides services that will increase plant performance, reduce operating cost, reduce maintenance cost and extend the operating life of your plant.
Energy Management
...more Energy Management Management of energy is becoming extremely critical for all businesses. Providing a focus on energy issues is now essential. Toshiba is committed to helping towards sustainable environment and provide economically viable solutions to meet short term and long term environmental needs.
Toshiba fulfils this commitment by:
  • Continuous innovation with better energy efficient technologies
  • Energy efficient product development
  • Energy and efficiency related consulting
  • Undertaking energy and efficiency audits for industrial plants

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