Instrumentation includes the LQ500 density meter and a large range of flow meters.

...more LQ500 The LQ500 Density (consistency) Meter provides accurate and reliable measurement of density for various applications.
With no moving parts, high level of accuracy and robust design, the LQ500 is suitable for density measurement in situations where access is difficult or limited.
  • Microwave Phase Shift technology
  • 50 - 300mm
  • 0-50% Total Solids
  • No moving parts
  • HART or RS232 comms

Recommended Applications
  • Waste Water and Sewage
  • Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper
...more Flowmeters Toshiba has been supplying flow meters to the market since the late 1960's. With this wealth of experience Toshiba is able to provide a large of range of electromagnetic flow meters to suit most flow measurement applications.
  • Industrial and Sanitary applications
  • Full and partial flow models available
  • 2.5mm to 3000mm
  • Local and remote mounted converters

Toshiba's electromagnetic flow meters provide a large range of options, making fluid flow measurements possible for just about any application.
Toshiba's capacitance flow meters provide accurate measurement for abrasive and low conductivity applications.
Toshiba's sanitary flow meters are designed for use in clean environments
Direct and remote mounted converters are available for all Toshiba flow meters.