Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Mine Winders

Supply only of AC and DC motors and M-G sets through to engineering, supply and installation of complete winder systems up to 3850kW. Many of our applications use Toshiba DC motors which can be found throughout mining installations in Australia. Typical of the recent projects for which Toshiba equipment has been used are: -

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of an 815kW mine winder drive and control system for Peak gold Mines, Cobar, NSW
  • Supply of a 3000kW mine winder drive and control system at Pasminco, NBHC, Broken Hill, NSW.


Two of the largest and most interesting conveyor applications in Australia use Drives and control systems designed and supplied by Toshiba. These are: -

  • A bauxite conveyor system at Worsley Alumina in Western Australia comprising two flights of a total length of approximately 50 km driven by four DC motors with a total capacity of approximately 10,500 kW.
  • A coal conveyor in New South Wales with a length of approximately 12 km driven by two AC wound rotor motors of 1500 kW with liquid rheostat controllers.

Materials Handling

Numerous ship loaders, stackers etc. installed throughout Australia use Toshiba equipment.

Quayside Container Crane

Toshiba is one of the leading companies of motor drive control systems in the world. We have a long history and various experience of crane control. Since 1966 we have supplied more than 100 sets of electrical equipment for quayside container cranes in many countries. We offer integrated drive and control systems for quayside container cranes that consist of motor drive equipment, programmable logic controllers (PLC), crane management monitoring systems (CMMS) and electronic anti-sway control. All equipment is digital control using state-of-art technology. This system can be adopted to existing cranes to refurbish control systems.

Wide choice of DC Drive or full AC Drive technology. AC Drives available for Post Panamax. IGBT PWM converter with no harmonics and unity power factor.

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