Motor Management

Motor Plant Management Service

Toshiba has developed an effective strategy for electrical and control plant management. This is achieved by best practice, in which Toshiba is a market leader.

The plant alliance management system is a team strategy. The team is made up of you, Toshiba, and your preferred service providers. This recognises that a mix of skills, knowledge and initiative is required to get the best results.

The service and repair includes:

  • 24 hour maintenance agreements
  • Emergency break down services
  • Routine maintenance
  • Plant failure analysis

Potential Direct Cost Savings

  • Capital Cost Savings
  • Energy Cost
  • Energy Usage
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Renewal Cost

Potential Indirect Cost Savings

  • Reduce Down time
  • Reduced Breakdowns
  • More Reliable
  • Life Extension
  • Less Spares Inventory

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