Request for Inquiry

Please provide the following information in your inquiry.

  1. Location of installing Hydro-eKIDS
  2. Head:
    1. Gross head (m) / Net head (m)
    2. Fluctuation data of head
  3. Discharge:
    1. Rated discharge (m3/s)
    2. Maximum discharge (m3/s)
    3. Minimum discharge (m3/s)
  4. Piping conditions:
    1. Length and diameter of penstock (m)
    2. Length and diameter of down stream (m)
  5. Usage of generating power: independent/grid connection, self consumption/grid connection and power selling.
  6. Water usage: river, irrigation, industry water, water treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
  7. Generator:
    1. Type of generator (induction or synchronous)
    2. Rated voltage
    3. Frequency
    4. Number of phase
  8. Scope of work and special requirement

Please indicate scope of work other than equipment supply if any.
Please describe any special requirements.

Please contact us with your request using our contact form here.