• New Generation Electronic Soft Starter
  • Range: 7.5kW-800kW, 3Ph, 415V
  • Built-in bypass up to 110 kW
  • Simple to Install, Set-up & Operate
  • Control of starting and stopping motor performance
  • Flexible control functionality for system integration
  • Built-in Protection for connected motor
  • 3-Wire or 6-Wire connection for optimum selection
  • Extensive Diagnostics
  • RS485, USB, Devicenet & Profibus options
  • C-Tick and CE approved

Toshiba TMS9 series soft starters are low voltage digital soft starters for starting and stopping electric motors. Their comprehensive function list, including complete motor protection make them unique in many respects.

Available in voltages from 200V through to 690Vac and power ratings exceeding 1200kW, the TMS9 soft starter range offers flexibility with input and output bus bar configuration options of top or bottom entry, as well as 3 wire and 6 wire (inside delta) connections.


  • Fully digital soft starter
  • Built-in comprehensive motor protection
  • Capability to install in 3-wire or 6-wire connection
  • Pump control to avoid "Water Hammer" effect
  • Exhaustive diagnostic functions with display
  • User-programmable monitoring screen
  • Flexible cable entry/exit connections for larger kW ratings
  • Remote key-pad option
  • CE and C-Tick compliant


  • Pumps
  • Fans/blowers
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Machines in Forest Industry
  • Crushers etc.

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