General Description

VF-AS3 is a loT / Industry 4.0 ready high performance, high torque drive with built-in Ethernet and Web-server functions for loT supported applications in modern industry.

Dedicated data source of VF-AS3 can be accessed and monitored using tablet, smart phone or PC.

Wide range of power rating

  • 3-Ph, 240V Class 0.4 kW to 55 kW for Heavy Duty
  • 3-Ph, 240V Class 0. 75 kW to 75 kW for Normal Duty
  • 3-Ph, 400V Class 0.4 kW to 280 kW for Heavy Duty
  • 3-Ph, 400V Class 0. 75 kW to 315 kW for Normal Duty

Basic Features

  • Power ratings to cover 0.4 kW to 315 kW
  • 3-Ph, 240 V and 400V, 50/60 Hz input supply.
  • Ease of Operation
  • High Torque dynamic capacity
  • 150% overload for 60 seconds or 165% for 2 seconds
  • Improved EMC performance in 400 V class that complies with Category C2.C3 of IEC 61800-3
  • low harmonic distortion without an external reactor, meeting IEC61000-3-12 (THDi <= 48%)
  • Flexibility with serial communication and various network options
  • Built-in Pump control (up to 10 pumps)
  • Built-in Position control
  • Control algorithms for permanent magnet motors and induction motors
  • Enhanced functions in:
    • Multi-PIO control
    • Traverse and power-interruption-synchronized control
    • Drooping, speed gain switching, zero speed lock and dwell
  • Ambient temperature up to 60° C with de-rated current
  • Built-in power removal safety function (compliant with EN954-1 category 3 and IEC/EN61508-1 SIL2)
  • RCM, CE, UL and CSA marking

Advanced New Features

  • Dual port Ethernet interface for introducing smart nodes on industrial network
  • Field sensors interface and network monitoring
  • Integrated RTC/Calendar and Event stamp functions for big data and cloud storage
  • Accessibility and monitoring over tablet/smart phones/PC as well as machine operating conditions via built-in web server
  • Application specific functions e.g. sequential logic, timers, comparators as well as load sharing
  • Manual-free service support through drive generated QR codes (Registered Trademark of DENSO WAVE INCO) which provides immediate access to dedicated web-links.
  • Video guidance and web support is available for installation, set up and maintenance
  • Highly reliable safety function STO (Safe Turn Off) as well as options more for more safety functions e.g. SSl, SOS, SS2, SBC, SLS and SDI
  • Meets IEC70721-3-3 dust 3S3 and chemical 3C3 in sizes up to frame A6
  • Communication protocols : Ethernet IP, Mod bus TCP, Modbus RTU and Toshiba.

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