• General Purpose VSD
  • Range
    1) 0.75kW-2.2kW, 1Ph 240V Input; 3Ph 0-240V output
    2) 0.75kw-15kW, 3Ph, 415V Input; 3Ph 0-415V output
  • Built-in RFI Filter
  • Sensorless Vector Control provides up to 200% torque at low speeds.
  • Built-in PID Control
  • Extensive Diagnostic Tool
  • Easy to Set-up and Operate
  • Multi-function Programmable Inputs/Outputs
  • C-Tick, CE, UL approved
  • RS485, Comms Compatible, Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CAN Open & EtherNet options

VF-S15 is a compact TOSHIBA drive designed for powerful performance in wide ranging applications. It is a sensorless vector control drive providing high torque throughout the speed range.

Available in two types - 1Ph, 240V input (0.4-2.2kW) and 3Ph, 415V input (0.75-15kW), VF-S15 drives are universally accepted for most industrial applications.


  • Sensorless Vector Control Drive
  • Ultra-Compact size
  • Safe Power removal (EN954-1 category 3, AS/IEC61800-5-2 SIL2)
  • Built-in RFI filter
  • Suitable for >50℃C Ambient Temperature
  • Easy to set and operate
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CAN Open & EtherNet options
  • My function
  • Remote control key-pad option
  • CE, UL and C-Tick compliant


  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Pumps
  • Hoists
  • Fans/blowers
  • Agitators
  • Packaging Machines etc

For more information download the PDF brochure: PDF